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MDF Trader specializes in computer based, numerical and technically driven, short-term algorithmic derivatives trading models. In particular, we concentrate on the CME Group’s electronically traded $5 E-Mini Dow Futures hosted CME's electronic trading platform.

On this site you'll find information about many aspects of trading, including a fairly thorough introduction to futures and E-Mini Dow futures. Other topics include trade strategies, money management strategies, technical analysis, candlestick charting and pivot levels. We explain some benefits of trading E-Mini Dow futures, and discuss a range of subjects from common characteristics of successful traders to aspects of online brokerages.

In addition to our DSP subscription service we offer fully automated algorithmic technical strategies for users of the NinjaTrader platform. NinjaTrader offers broker and data feed flexibility as well as a powerful C# coding foundation, ideal for developing such technical analysis based strategies ranging from automated signal generation to fully automated trade execution and management.

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E-Mini Dow futures

E-Mini Dow futures, based on the 30 Blue Chip stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index, are highly leveraged and have a $5 multiplier. This means each contract held will return a profit or loss of $5 for every one point movement of the futures price. Mini Dow futures prices track with the DJIA during the cash session hours (daytime stock market hours) but continue trading overnight as well. Morning talk Shows often cite Dow futures prices as an indicator of trader sentiment before the opening bell.

E-Mini Dow Futures are ideally suited for short-term, leveraged trading. This includes day trading and intra-day trading. The high volume of contracts changing hands each day, combined with fully electronic trade execution, helps to ensure prompt and reliable order fills. However… while the liquidity and shear ease of trading these contracts is alluring, they can be a perilous trap for any trader lacking a well thought out, well tested and complete trading system. A Trading System includes both a Trading Strategy and a Money Management Strategy. Additionally, a fundamental understanding of the concepts and rules of trading E-Mini Dow Futures is necessary.

MDF Trading Systems

All different types of traders, trading advice and systems can be found on the internet these days, ranging from stocks to options to futures to FOREX. Some services publish lists of “hot” stocks to invest in for the long-term. Some give swing trading advice for stocks, options and futures. A few services offer advice and/or systems for trading futures, including E-Mini Dow Futures.

Our trading models are a little different, designed specifically, and only, for $5 E-Mini Dow futures. The DSP model, which calls for a single position each day, is offered as a subscription service. The CMPA model is offered as an e-book. It is based on 5 minute candlestick charts, and trades during normal market hours. CMPA is a true intra-day model. Our automated algorithms for Ninjatrader run live on our clients' PC's, trading around the clock.

All models may be evaluated as complete trading systems, the foundations of which lie in principles of technical analysis and sound money/risk management. Simulated profit/loss results for each DSP system, based on actual daily data, are published on a weekly basis.

DSP Trading System (Subscription Service)

15 - 30 Minutes Per Day

This simple to trade Daily Single-Position (DSP) trading system is built around trade and money management strategies geared to produce substantial point results while requiring only a small time obligation on part of the trader each day. If so inclined, a practiced trader could login to his/her DSP account each afternoon to view the Daily signals, and place appropriate trades in about 15 - 30 minutes. The daily indicator signals are posted in the members area, along with the suggested Limit and Stop levels for the Trading session. Alternatively, the client can sign up for the Daily Signals Newsletter, which will be emailed to them just minutes after the new session's market opening around 5:00 p.m. CST each Sunday evening through Thursday evening. (Please review our tems and conditions of use)

The DSP trade rules are based on technical analysis and a sort of “learning” evaluation engine. As the name suggests, the DSP calls for, at most, a single position per day. The money management strategy determines the number of contracts to hold for each day’s position.

Execution of the system is simple and straightforward

Step 1) The client simply logs into the secure member’s area of our site, or checks the Daily Signals Newsletter email, to view the trade indicators for the day.

Step 2) It takes no more than a few minutes to examine the trade signals to determine if a trade is indicated. If so, the trader can determine the appropriate contract lot size, and place the appropriate orders with an online brokerage if desired. (We offer some information about the role of brokerages here.) Each day’s orders consist of a Market entry order plus Stop and Limit orders to lock in profits and limit risk. Entries may be Long (buy) or Short (sell), or the system may indicate a “No Trade” day in which no entry is called for.

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CMPA Trading Manual

CMPA Trading System (E-Book)

The Candlestick Matrix-Modulation Pivot Analysis (CMPA) trading system is also custom designed to trade the electronic $5 E-Mini Dow Futures. This is an intra-day system which utilizes a live 5-minute price chart for the Mini Dow. It only trades during the normal cash session hours from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CST.

Unlike the DSP subscription service, the CMPA trading system is offered for download as an e-book. All the tools necessary to interpret the price movements of the Mini Dow with this method are included. The book also includes valuable information about candlestick charting, pivot level analysis, market psychology, live trade implementation, money management and multiple trade day examples.


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